Branch Manager

NMLS# 247172

Tel: (760) 717-7067


Temecula, California



“I’m on a passionate journey to put God first each day and find a way to mean more to the folks I service!”

My grandfather taught me that a man’s handshake should mean more to him than the money in his pocket. I believe who I am is not as important as what I am here to do!

I take my clients’ business and your partnership seriously, and will work hard to make the loan transaction as seamless as possible. Not all customers are alike. I understand that today and have worked very hard over the last 15 years to provide tailored service to all of my clients regardless of the mortgage situation. I help home buyers overcome any apprehensions they may have, with ongoing communication and exceptional service and support, and I will keep you updated on the progress at all stages of your transaction! The S1 customer satisfaction is paramount to me and my career in this industry. A happy client is a client for life and I do my very best to take a personalized interest in that success. My goal is to keep you coming back and earn your referrals from friends and family. No more waiting for hours — or days — to get loan financing answers you need. I will respond quickly with accurate, honest and competitive options based on your needs. I place the highest value on my service to my partners and my clients. I’m confident I have the right product and will ensure we provide you with all the benefits you deserve out of your mortgage. As a Producing Branch Manager of this firm I have the authority to turn files around faster than most of my competitors. I want earn the right to your business! Your overall experience through this process also means the world to me. I Listen, I Care, and I will deliver you to the closing table on time so you can get you back to what really matters in your life!!

My Mission

I believe who I am is not as important as what I am here to do!

My Vision is simple one.

Work hard each day to empower, educate, nurture and develop lasting relationships.

To find a way to make a large IMPACT, ad mean more to the clients I service each day, always putting this ahead of self-interest.

Take a genuine interest in the success of everyone I come in contact with uncompromised integrity in both words and actions.

To find a way to do all of these things with passion, compassion, humor and style!

My goal through these things is to find a way to make clients for life and better lives for all of my clients!

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